Our next workshop class will be on November 2nd 2019. Location 399 Camus Drive, Somerset NJ. Registration is at 8:30 am. Event starts from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Lunch is included.

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Stop running from the opportunity to help others and make money in the process. Think about the people you did not help or could not help because you just thought working on a short sale was a waste of time. Well quest what ? Short sales are never going away. In fact, since 2005 I personally have been helping others navigate through them. Short sales are a hot topic in most cases because no one really understands how they really work. In our workshop you will find out how they work find leads and learn the right way to speak to people in distress with their homes. The fact is most realtor do not want to go after short sales because they have been told not to by real estate brokers or people that have no success with them at all. Implementing a short sale strategy into your real estate career and prove to be very helpful in helping others and making money! Think about how your regular book of business is and to be able to finally offer and additional services to your business mold and book of business. No one wants to see someone go through financial destruction of losing a home and having a foreclosure on their credit records. This workshop will have a value you can have for your whole career as a realtor.

What you will learn.

  • Questions to ask sellers in detail
  • Detailed paperwork that will be needed to start a short sale
  • Detailed options to show homeowners so they want to work with you
  • Bank Guild lines
  • Typical short sale process
  • Foreclosure Timelines – – Judicial V. Non-Judicial states
  • State specific on deference judgments
  • How soon can a seller purchase a property after a short sale / Settlement /Bankruptcy / Deed in leu
  • Seller does a short sale on a property can they rent ?
  • How does a short sale – Foreclosure – Deed in lieu of foreclosure affect sellers credit ?
  • Bankruptcy, how do you know if it’s right for you  / You must clarify with a license attorney ultimately