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OCTOBER 23 – 2020


Matt Merenoff and Lia Chambers 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

All vendors will be prerecorded

​”Everything you ever needed to know about Short Sales, but were afraid to ask.”

Often you hear that people will shy away from Short Sales and have various reasons as to why. Many believe that Short Sales take entirely too long or are not worth the time and effort. Why is it that an agent would walk away from the most lucrative portion of the current real estate market? The answer is simple; people do not know how to get started. They do not know what to do, where to turn, or who to trust. Well, if this is your predicament, then Realestate Recovery Group has the answer. Register for our upcoming Short Sale Boot Camp. At the Boot Camp you will learn everything you need to know to get started as a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent or Loss Mitigation Negotiator in the Short Sale Market.

If you’ve been wanting to master the art of Short Sale Negotiation but did not know how to get started, this Short Sale Boot Camp Expo is for you!

In this intensive Boot Camp you will learn the following:

* Lead Generation

* Foreclosure

* Credit Repair

* Clearing Title

* Buyers agreement done right

* Investor Guidelines

* Leveraging Private Money

* Proper Lending Practices

* Submitting Complete Offers and Loss Mitigation Packages

*And much much more!

​ Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights: The Attendes agrees that all Intellectual Property Rights that are applicable to or used in connection with the evenet are and shall be owned by Realestate Recovery Group, either solely, or jointly with Realestate Recovery Group, if developed by Realestate Recovery Group. This is includes all videos, photos, audio and any and all marketing materials used in promotion for this event.

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